Principal's Message

                                   “Explorers and scientists

                                            never lose their sense of wonder, never stop

                                                  asking questions, and always keep looking for answers.”

                                                                                          ~Sylvia Earle, National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence


Dear Families,

Our staff began our year together around the book, The world is Waiting for You by Barbara Kerley. We were inspired by the above quote and our potential to live our school year as “explorers in residence”.  We plan to ask many questions and search for answers as we continue to nurture a sense of wonder in one another, and in the children we work alongside each day. They, too, are explorers in residence and the world of Elmwood and beyond is waiting for each one of them. We recognize and value the many worlds of our children…the world of their families, friends and communities all integral to their lives, development and well-being. Each child and family brings rich stories and experiences to our Elmwood School Community creating a diversity that enriches every one of us.

“The world is waiting for you . . . ready?”

We are honoured once again to lead your children into a new school year and to walk the path with them as we journey around the next corner, making fresh, new discoveries along the way. Thank you to all of our families for supporting us in creating a welcoming and exciting beginning for your children!

As your school principal, I am both a mother of two school-age boys and a committed educator. I am ever-mindful of the tremendous trust and faith parents and caregivers place in the school.  Your children will always be at the center of our "relational work" at Elmwood. We look forward to travelling this path with all of you as we inspire new hopes and dreams in the hearts and minds of our young explorers.

"Child, give me your hand

That I may walk in the light

                                Of your faith in me."            ~Hannah Kahn

Karen Keats Whelan, Ph.D.


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