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  • Clubs & Activities

    Clubs & Activities

    Elmwood School supports the development of the whole child and offers diverse extracurricular opportunities to meet the specific needs and interests of our students. Below is a list of the school clubs and special activities which may be of interest to your child.

    -  Family Science Nights
    -  Holiday Happenings
    -  Science Club
    -  Invention Convention
    -  Science Olympics
    -  Lego Club
    -  Buddy Club
    -  Choir
    -  Gardening Club
    -  Earth Month
    -  Kids’ Club
    -  Girls’ Club
    -  Intramurals
    -  Spirit Days
    -  Art Club
    -  Fun Lunch

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  • School Philosophy

    School Philosophy


    Every Child, Every Day… No Exceptions


    Elmwood School is a place where every child belongs.

    • We believe in the instructive power of our environment to invite, engage, ignite and inspire.
    • We believe in the wonder and imagination of children and the process of inquiry that leads them into new discoveries.
    • We believe in relational work and the possibilities it nurtures.
    • We believe that beauty is found in diversity, and we celebrate the promise each child and family brings to our school and community.

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Welcome to Elmwood School! We are excited by the opportunity to share with you the exemplary work students, staff and parents are engaged in across our school and community.  Elmwood School has a strong reputation for nurturing inquiry, innovation and inclusion. We have a committed and caring staff, a stimulating learning environment and a welcoming family atmosphere.  Elmwood is a place where everyone belongs!

Principal's Message

  “Someday is made up of a thousand tiny nows.
~Leigh Standley


Dear Families,

We warmly welcome you to a new school year at Elmwood. Our staff began our year inspired by the words of Spencer Johnson in the Precious Present, who reminds us to be attentive to the marvelous possibilities that surround us each day when we are fully present with children.

 “every marvelous possibility is a bundle of very little things"  
~Leigh Standley


We also spent time reflecting on the value of creating loving learning contexts for children and drawing on the power of positive relationships. Each staff member thought carefully about what they would inspire in the hearts of children this year. Please come check out the powerful commitments displayed by our staff in the front hallway of our school.

 "Touch a heart...Change a heart."   
~eric telchin


Elmwood school is a place where our children can deepen their love and compassion for one another and for the world around them. Family, school and community provide our children the rich resources and care they require to make a difference and to realize their dreams for the future.

The children and families of Elmwood bring beauty to our school community through their diversity. We look forward to coming to know our new families in the weeks and months ahead and reconnecting with our returning families as well. We thank all of our families for supporting us in creating a rich and welcoming place for everyone at Elmwood.

As your school principal, I am both a mother of two school-age boys and a dedicated educator. Parents and caregivers place tremendous trust and faith in the school and those who care for their children. Your children will always be at the center of our "relational work" at Elmwood. We look forward to growing with all of you as we inspire new possibilities in the hearts and minds of our children.

"Child, give me your hand
That I may walk in the light
Of your faith in me."
~Hannah Kahn