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Individual Support Program

The Individual Support Program at Elmwood School provides programming for students in grades one through six who experience severe to profound developmental disabilities. Students may experience physical, medical and sensory needs as well as behavioural challenges.

Individual Support programming is specially designed to enhance the quality of life of the student, and to increase the student’s functional skills in the areas of communication, social interaction, concept development, self-management and personal pursuits. Individual Support programming emphasizes meaningful life experiences for students. Features of programming include:

  • structured, routine-based programming using natural contexts for learning and practicing functional skills;
  • targeting of specific goals and objectives embedded in activities throughout the student’s day;
  • support for and encouragement of student participation in various activities and environments meaningful to the student;
  • a multi-disciplinary approach and collaboration with community agencies and support service providers;
  • provision of medical interventions as required throughout the day; and
  • regular home-school communication.

The students in our ISP classroom are a valued part of our larger Elmwood School community. There are many opportunities for ISP students to join in school activities, assemblies, class activities, and field experiences. In addition, peers from grades 3 to 6 are actively involved in our “Buddy Club” and join students in the ISP class during their recess time.

Entrance into the Individual Support Program is facilitated by the administration at your local neighbourhood school. Please feel free to contact our school office if you have any questions about the program.